Ocean stars

Ocean stars

martes, 10 de enero de 2012

I wonder why

The angels scream at one's
they are terrified for what they see
the people are corrupting this beautiful world.
It was created for salvation, but humans don't understand.
I wonder why is everything so confusing now?
people are dieing, but only in their heads.
They forgot, to believe in himselfs.
But most important is to believe in themselfs
and at first, believe in God.
Today the skye was red,
i saw a large red line and then i know.
Angels wonder why
we are losing ourselves.
I know i believe in everything i see,
and everyday i do the best of me,
but we need more,
we need to believe in this world.
God is watching at once,
nature must be protected by humans.
So now let's created a blue sky and a clean world.
A world without selfish, envy and badness.
Let's start with us, let's change our mind and then we can change the world.

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