Ocean stars

Ocean stars

martes, 12 de julio de 2011

I feel so much better now

I don't know where the hearts go on
I don't know where i can find
A place to belong.

Stay o Say goodbye,
But it's true,
I feel so much better now.

But it's time to let you go,
It is so much better now.

Maybe everything was mean to be this way...

I don't want to stay in darkness,
So i can say now...

The ocean is open
The while is broken
The sand that stands of our lifes
Decided to scatter down.

I feel closer to the edge.
Is this only a dream?
Well is time to wake up.

I can see all the secrets that we keep,
I can see all the lies that we create.

Now all i can say is...
I feel so much better now.

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